In 1799 the Hunter Family started to build a house 500 yards away from the Castle and this was to become the Main Mansion House of the Hunter Family.  It took 7 years to build and it comprised of only 3 floors however it has had many alterations done since then and in 1912 an additional floor was added.

When the house was first constructed the servant quarters did not exist they were added around 1865.

Although Hunterston House is its official name it is also commonly known as the "Big Hoose" or "Mansion House".

The electrical system of the house was and still is 110v which was common in Victorian times, however some parts now has the more modern 240v system as the 110v system is no longer supported or reparable in the 21st century.

Each of the 72 rooms are named after a town or area visible from that specific room and this website will name and describe each of them
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